Restoration Educational Centre


Restoration Educational Centre is a non-partisan, non-governmental, not for profit, Christian based organization that offers nursery and primary School education at low cost to the children of Kibera. It is a registered community-based organization and is recognized as an examination centre by the Ministry of Education and the government of Kenya.

It was founded in the year 2000 by Bishop Dr Paul Mbithi and his wife, Reverend Grace Mbithi, as an answer to the increased number of street children, vulnerable children and otherwise idle children desperately looking for a place to get an education and call ‘home’. Primary school education was not free in Kenya in the year 2000, and matriculation into nursery and primary school was often challenging for students with perceived troubled backgrounds.

The centre started off as nursery school with seven children, four of whom were being rehabilitated from the streets. They all excelled in their desire to learn and reform. These children eventually joined the Olympic Primary School and 100% of them were put into higher classes due to their high level of academic prowess and mastery of both the English language and Mathematics. This accomplishment led to the establishment of the current Primary School that was highly endorsed by the parents in the community. Parents were requested to pay a small fee as school fees, which has since proved to be a challenge to maintain. The first KCPE class was in 2011 and in 2012, one student was able to attain 400 marks out of a possible 500. The Centers mission is to offer quality education for self-reliance and Human resource development.

In 2011, the Educational Centre was raised to the ground by a fire. All the progress made over the years, disappeared in a single night including all the structures, equipment and books. A second fire broke out in 2019, with the same outcome. This has led to a myriad of loss over the years, including reduced student intake due to lack of trust from the parents in the community. The centre had truly advanced and become a pillar of the community before the initial fire of 2011. The administration and board are working fervently to restore the former glory of the school, in spite of the fires and the COVID-19 pandemic.


1.To provide a safe space for children from Kibera to receive quality nursery and primary education.
2.To provide high quality education to the students in the school.
3.To provide adequate nutrition for students in the school and its environs.
4.To ensure students coming out of the school are able to acquire skills and go on to work and be absorbed in the labour force.
5.To facilitate growth and development of a well-rounded child.
6.To support behavior, change of children from difficult backgrounds.
7.To nurture nonacademic talent.


Restoration Educational Centre would be nothing without the students who have passed through the institution and have gone on to do great things:

Meet Eddy

“My name is Eddy Smith Otieno and am 21 years old. Currently I am a student of Law at the University of Nairobi. I am forever indebted to everybody at REC. From Rev. Paul and Grace Mbithi, Mrs. Catherine Nzau, Mr. Peter Okemwa and all other teachers who taught me in my 12 years there. I wouldn’t be who I am were it not for them. May God shower his blessings on them always.”






Meet Julius

“I am Julius Munywoki, 22 years old. Currently I am a student at Kenyatta University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in special needs education. Finally, a word of appreciation to the REC fraternity, sponsors and well-wishers whose efforts have gone a long way in transforming our lives. To Bishop Paul and Mum Grace Words are not enough to express how grateful I am. Thank you.”







Meet Lucia

“My name is Lucia Syombua and I am 25 years old and a student at Kenya Medical Training College pursuing Medical Social work. I am so grateful to REC for instilling good morals values, words of wisdom and knowledge. I am thankful to all you gave me, and I am humbled”


Restoration Educational Centre would be nothing without the support of well-wishers, donors and institutions that support our mission and vision and overall goal of educating the children of Kibera. We are appealing to all well-wishers to support us in any way possible, but more specifically, with the items requested below. A detailed proposal and budget are available upon request:

Running costs

• Staff Salaries
• Consumables (Food, beverages)
• Stationery
• School Uniform and P.E. Kits

One off purchase

• Textbooks
• Lockable desks
• Metallic Chairs
• Laptops and Computers
• School Bus

Infrastructure needs

• Establishment of a permanent dining hall
• Establishment of a larger girls’ and boys’ washroom
• Set up of a permanent Kitchen
• Playing equipment

Program Sponsorship

• Feeding Program
• Sports Academy
• Talents Program
• Give Back Program